Anesthesia Machine

Features and Benefits :

  • Steel tubular structure 
  • Stands on four heavy duty antistatic castor wheels bearing
  • Breaks on two front wheels
  • Top tray is for monitoring equipment
  • Middle stainless steel shelf is meant for surgical equipment 
  • Lower drawer for clinical storage
  • A back bar is fitted to rectangular rear bar to accommodate rota meter unit, vaporizer, non return cum blow off valve
  • Rota meter tubes 230 mm long are calibrated in double/ triple scale of accuracy and clarity in reading O2 : 100 ml/ min to 10 l/ min, N2O : 200 ml/ min to 12 ml/ min.


The machine has a changeover unit which allows the equipment to be used in both open and close mode and has an integrated oxygen flush unit which operates through a push button. A battery operated audio oxygen failure alarm activates when oxygen pressure falls to 205 KPA. Non return cum blow off valve is provided to ensure that pressure in patient circuit does not exceed 200 cm water. Two heavy duty nitrous oxide regulators are actuated only when oxygen regulators to prevent administration of N2O alone to patient circuit in the absence of oxygen. A platform is provided at the back of machine for two 10 liter water capacity gas cylinders. For close circuit anesthesia a CO2 absorption unit (circle absorber) can be mounted on machine and used with economy of gas and minimum pollution at o. T. 63 mm dia pressure gauges are used for better vision of scale reading and clarity. Provision for additional oxygen is given in machine to allow use of ventilators, nebulousness, sprays etc.

Offer on the product:

  • Free shipment on bullk purchase
  • Discount pricing on volume purchase.