Flexitip Fiber Optic Blade

Certifications :


Features and Benefits :

  • Flexitip Fiberoptic-Bulb blade 
  • New Concept
  • Replaceable 4mm fiber optic bundle
  • Crafted in 304 surgical stainless steel 
  • A Conventional Laryngoscope handle is necessary to use this Fiberoptic blade.Fit any Standard Conventional handle.
  • There is a Bulb and a replaceable Fiberoptic bundle in a tube fitted on to the blade.
  • In the time of difficult intubation hinged tip of flexitip blade allows the epiglottis to be elevated while decreasing the overall laryngoscopic movement required
  • Using this blade, you can more easily maintain the elimination of contact with the upper teeth
  • Reusable, Sterilizable 
  • Replaceable screw-in lamps
  • Bright,cool white light source

    Wide range of facilities for difficult intubation :

    • Displacement of the Larynx
    • Prominent upper teeth
    • Backward displacement of the tongue
    • Decreased neck movement
    • Cervical spine injuries
    • Decreased mouth opening
    • Recession of  the lower jaw

    Product size :

    • Size : 2, 3, 4

    Offer on the product:

    • Free Shipment on bullk purchase.
    • Contract Manufacturing Service.
    • Discount Pricing on volume purchase