Laryngoscope Video Machintosh Blade

Features and Benefits :

  • Normal laryngoscope design
  • White Bright LED illumination
  • Adjustable Light intensity
  • 2 no. Blades
  • Round shape camera
  • Clear and broad view
  • No external Power supply or batteries
  • User friendly software
  • USB 2.00 compatible

Specifications :

  • CMOS sensor
  • Pin hole lens
  • Illumination= 6 White LEDs
  • Power Source= USB 2.00
  • Auto Focus [limited distance]
  • Integrated Software
  • Software compatibility= Win XP, Win7 &, Win 8
  • Storage =on Hard disk


It is a normal laryngoscope design fitted with a very small camera on it.The camera has USB output,so one can view the image live on any laptop or P.C. and record the video or images. The Camera has bright adjustable white light LED illumination which shows a very clear picture.

The camera has a perfect angle lens to show wide view.This camera woks on USB 2.0 , so does not require any external powers supply or batteries.[USB is generally 5.5 v]This camera goes inside the mouth and shows the Laryngs[Tracheal opening].

This product is highly appreciated as it gives full advantages of conventional Laryngoscope with wide view camera . The lights intensity is also adjustable.The software is also very user friendly with recording faciltiy. Also it is useful in recording the difficult cases.

Maintenance :

 Blades can be autoclaved. Dont drop the Camera.Clean the Camera with medical spirit .Do clean it with soft cotton .Donot use material which  can create scratches  Also camera can be kept in Formalin Chamber.We give Software installation CD .

Warranty :

Warranty One year.

Product size :

  • Machintosh 3 & Machintosh 4

Offer on the product:


  • Free shipment on bullk purchase
  • Discount pricing on volume purchase.