Ported Bougie


  • U.S. FDA  & ISO 13485 : 2003
Features and Benefits :

  • Ventilating Bougie
  • Suitable for providing oxygenation during intubation or eliminating light secretions
  • Suction and extract tracheal gassamples for analysis
  • Removable connectors for different applications
  • 70 cm x hose barb fitting included
  • 15 mm Male connector included
  • No need to clean
  • Now sterile
  • Manufactured from low density polyethylene (provides proper stiffness - ease of insertion)
  • Calibrated (distance of insertion easily accurately observed for safety)
  • Coude tip (facilitates insertion)
  • Coudé Tip with two eyes
  • Single use - Economical
  • Latex Free
  • Adult size fits in 6mm to 11mm tubes
  • Caution :

    • Do NOT use rubbing alchol  (70 % isopropyl) for cleaning , as this may degrade and weaken the surface / coating of device
    • Do NOT use lubricants with a petrochemical base.
    • Do NOT re-sterilize. Resterilization could change the physical characteristics of the material and should not be attempted.
    • Exposure to elevated temperatures and ultraviolet light should be avoided during storage.

    Product size :

    • ADULT  :  70 CM X 15 FR BLUE COUDE     TIP

    Offer on the product:

    • Free shipment on bullk purchase
    • Discount pricing on volume purchase.